#3 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

3. Run from  Rants.   Negative emotions fade when dangerous cortisol chemicals decrease before you write.

Take a few minutes to tame your amygdala – which is the brain’s emotional storehouse. How so?

Share traits of one leader you admire who faced similar situations.

Why not write about a problem through an opponent’s view, an optimist’s possibilities or a peacemaker’s perspective?

#2 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

2. Set your Stage

Were they listening to a boring lecture in uncomfortable chairs?

Readers gain more from your writing when you engage their visual or spatial intelligence. See http://goo.gl/L637h

How will you add word pictures to what you write today?

# 1 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

1. Perk-up Moods – Boredom, it turns out, is a habit formed in brains and reinforced by words that lack punch. Help readers choose improved moods as their reality, Sidestep boredom!

Jump start your writing with a what-if-question, such as, What if you could use information in this essay to design an innovation that would win an award for improving one related situation you face?

Words can inspire new possibilities because reader brains come equipped with  mirror neurons or mimicking devices.

10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days (Tip 10)

What possibility will you choose?


    Look up first, but then leap forward.

    How could you advance with a new mantra?


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10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days (Tip 9)

Ramp up personal intelligences!



    Tip 9 – Draw strength from close friends.

    How do your friends impact ethical choices?

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10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days (Tip 8)


Check out facts together.

What do you learn from different views?

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10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days (Tip 7)

Never say you can’t.

Get on your bold. Try!

What fuels your brain to take risks?


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10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days (Tip 6)


To lead an innovation that lasts is to inspire

others for growth.

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10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days (Tip 5)


Speak up and feel heard

Tone skills carry your best ideas.

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10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days (Tip 4)

Discover a new song together!

Mindguide to teach and learn from one another

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10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days (Tip 3)

Laugh and get silly.

Laughter stirs amazing aha moments.

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10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days (Tip 2)

Tip 2.

Hang out with your heroes!

We become like those around us.

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10 Tips on 10 Brainy Days



Tip 1 - Choose fun adventures to chase!

Change mental filters and discover joy.


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Brainpower to Focus and Fade

Start your day with fresh coffee aromas, and serotonin  spikes a sense of well being in response.  Life’s good, right?

Focus Forward and the Brain Fades Past Problems

Suddenly though, joy fades for 75% of workers who loathe their jobs. The day surges back and forth into dangerous levels of cortisol before that last gulp of caffeine.

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Want More Novelty and a Caring Community?

To question with two feet is to not to move another person closer to your point.

Instead, question to point out new directions because of another person’s response.

What two-footed question will you ask today?

How will you draw out new talent, build curiosity for the other side of a topic, or cultivate a caring community?

Tweet your question at #twofootedquestion. Continue reading →

100 Go-To Leaders for New Era!

Thanks to Frode Heimen for this newly developed Go-To Leader List.

Whole brain leaders  spark talents in others! Frode, you have set an example for us all here and inspire us to work harder to advance others as we lead well.

Thanks for this list and kudos for your leadership Frode! Continue reading →

5 Whole Brain Tactics to Win Buy-in

5 Whole Brain Tactics to Win for Yahoo

Behind every problem there is a new possibility for change and a finer future. Take Yahoo.  Their latest profit tank – opens the door for whole brain solutions that win.

 5 whole brain tactics to swing Yahoo back to the peaks! Continue reading →

Brain Game Finally Here

My popular Mita Whole  Brain Game ( in Jeopardy interactive style) offers original yet fun ways to increase everyday brainpower.

The whole brain game comes highly tested after 25 years working together with learners and leaders who want better returns for their time and talent.

This  Mita Whole Brain Game includes 7 original categories and teams get 2 minutes to confer on answers. Use interactively at any organization or ratchet up interest in secondary and college classes. Continue reading →

Question Across Both Sides of Your Brain

Question across both sides of your brain

Have you considered how asking and responding to questions, reveals the state of your brain. How so?

1. Take your amygdala – or seat of emotions. An  amygdala for the jubilant person is that tiny sac of neurons that remains open to wonder most of the time. If yours rarely overheats,  it triggers delight as an emotional pattern passed to others. How could you questions in ways that tame another person’s amygdala by adding supports and curiosity-builders? Continue reading →

Compelling Counterpoints or Gridlocks

Until we teach teens whole brain thinking, and support college students to engage options on other sides of their opinions – expect gridlocked leaders who sulk when they lose.

Compelling Counterpoints or Gridlock

The next time controversy arises, consider how even one opposing view can illuminate facts on both sides of the issue. Take war and peace!

Yesterday a retired teacher told me Continue reading →

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