Let’s Learn From Black Leaders During Black History Month

eweber   January 19, 2015   No Comments

Poverty is still a huge problem for many , and yet we also still have opportunities to learn about doable solutions from black leaders. Teens and young adult care deeply about this problem – and they enjoy teaming with black leaders to navigate possibilities together that we may otherwise miss…. Read more »

Your Brain on Laughter

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Are brain benefits lost if laughter attacks others? Can we teach or learn humor that benefits brainpower? Can stoke aha moments when needed most. Lowers harmful stress – even through a fake smile Adds new zest for life! Heals anxieties and fears. Boosts moods! Ups alertness! Improves health and resilience!… Read more »

Stress Tanks Learners and Leaders

eweber   August 14, 2014   8 Comments

The problem with stress is that it masks as winner – so you miss its killer qualities and fail to spot danger signs before it strikes.

Stress kills!

Boost Teacher Brainpower Past Tests

eweber   March 26, 2014   No Comments

Let’s boost teacher brainpower, past tests and tribulations – so that students and schools can win on the other side of distracting disputes!  

Your Brain on Courage

eweber   February 3, 2014   No Comments

To kindle new ideas takes circles of trust. Teams that consciously cultivate trust, open spaces for new ideas. The iPod’s inception, for instance, started with an innovative idea that Steve Jobs’ team kindled into revolutionized communication. Similarly, Fast Company’s awesome design moments unveiled original ideas that emerged from committed teams. Passionate communities, such as Apple and Fast Company, differ mentally from typical workplaces, just as brains of genius inventors vary from minds of complacent masses. How so? The brain’s hippocampus releases a shot of dopamine the brain chemical for kindling novelty.