Target Brain Cell Regeneration

It was strongly held that adult brains cannot grow new cells or regenerate old ones. Recent research on aging though, is trumping commonly held myths.

Elizabeth Gould’s dynamic discoveries in this area recently created an entirely new field of neurogenesis, a discipline that shows how the adult brain generates new cells.

Elizabeth Gould at Princeton University first challenged old boy’s guard’s thinking – such as Rakic’s endless studies on rhesus monkeys that denied adult brain cell growth. Rather than wrangle with nay sayer’s limitations of the human brain, Gould simply showed life-changing scientific proof for regeneration.

For the most part, scientists no longer question the brain’s capacity to replace damaged cells and yet it doesn’t always yield more brainpower, as it could. Why so? bb_June2007_large.jpg

According to research, we inhibit the brain’s capacity for regeneration, through -

1. Stress

2. Isolation

3. Boredom

4. Exhaustion

5. Too little exercise

Does you enhance or inhibit new brainpower regeneration?

The hippocampus areas of the brain where brain cell growth is observed, holds short term memory and includes areas for emotional processing. It make sense, when you think about it. Why so?

We’re told that cells grow more when people are stimulated by their environment. That’s very similar to research already out to show how the brain rewires and shapes itself, based on what we do in a day. Good news for those of us who are aging with the brain in mind.

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  1. the idea of new brain cells being regenerated is happy news!
    For years we were told (under the myth) that once it is gone it is gone. This always seemed intuitively wrong to me.
    With this new fact I wonder how that will change the way we explore brains and memory retention.
    Your mention of the regeneration taking place where our environments are stimulating.
    You listed some ideas for stimulation, what research has been done on what personal stimulation is.

  2. eweber says:

    Thanks for stopping by Michael, and you raise a good question about the research on personal stimulation. There is a great deal of support, and much of that you are using well at your own interesting site at Great find!

    I also write about many of these areas of stimulation for peak performances.

    Perhaps one of the most obvious is research related to multiple intelligences engagement and the benefits to the human brain’s plasticity as we age:-) Thoughts?

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