Spot – Wonder – Test – Win!

If the scientific method was great it would likely invite wonder and delight for discovery – rather than incur dysfunction and a jaded sense of worth, around it. Right?

Spot - Wonder - Test - Win

That was a question asked after hours of discussion with talented, and innovative researchers who claim to dislike their work.  They feel disengaged and they spoke of being devalued in  flawed systems.  They won top science grants to investigate, but their organization gets low grades for care or morale. Have you seen it?

The idea is  to engage both sides of the brain, to increase innovation. What if each person lived a daily scientific method with a mind to discover 4 possibilities?

1). SPOT – You’d develop keen brainpower  to spot and record accurate details for an innovative solution.

2). WONDER –  You’d simply guess what outcomes might appear to a great question you ask.

3). TEST – You’d engage unique talents, experiences and prior knowledge and then test your implementaion.

4). WIN – You’d suggest truths or flaws of your guess related to evidence of your key discoveries.

Have we pretended that to live with curiosity is too  complex?  If not, let’s encourage all humans to engage in life-changing scientific methods? We’d contribute brilliant insights and novel approaches for innovation we all crave. What do you think?

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