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Serotonin – Miracle Drug at Work

Sometimes called the molecule of wellbeing,  serotonin is the chemical that transforms gunner into giver, lazy into learner and victim into victor.  For individuals or teams, serotonin chemicals  add focus, support innovative or disruptive solutions, increase motivation and can even transform stress into success.

Brain based culture in games

We now know how to boost levels of serotonin for upper grade or adult learners! State one specific thing you genuinely value in that person, for instance. We also see how  simple choices can kick start this well-being fuel.

Capture1                                                    Curiosity is best developed in a learning culture where serotonin rocks for youngsters. Have you seen that possibility driven setting that allows students to romance the joy of learning? It comes with daily choices that may surprise you.

I first discovered serotonin as wind in my sails at 14 when left homeless, alone and in dire need of a miracle, and you too will find it there for you when you need it most.

Choose Serotonin that builds healthy patterns …

  • On the golf course for finer hits to the green.
  • In relationships for more confidence to see through others eyes.
  • When sleeping for better rest.
  • Across diverse groups to attract better understanding.
  • Beyond daily ruts – for innovative solutions fueled to support others.
  • When stressors strike to build calm for confident and healthy choices.

Serotonin as Drug to Step Beyond Stress

Recent research shows serotonin’s wellbeing or cortisol‘s dangers as more of a choice than any knee-jerk response to life’s hurdles. How so?

One person may simply chew sugar-free gum to increase benefits of its stress-free fuel. Others  may recapture peace  by steering their amygdala to forgive somebody who criticizes, or to let go of regrets as a way to move on.

We each come with mixed serotonin levels in our DNA pool, and we can each gain more through choices made or actions taken.  For instance several events over any day can raise wellbeing (as illustrated in this article) or can tank natural serotonin chemicals. While you cannot control what stressor comes after you here – you can control daily choices for serotonin wellbeing in your response.

Lesser known, however, is the fact that serotonin and other natural drugs literally fuel choice. Will you smile or sneer? Calm is far less dependent on daily events that go well, and stress does not remain simply because the chips are down. That’s likely not surprising if you observe life’s abundance in people who laugh, care, give or lead well, in spite of tough times. They learn to access serotonin in good and bad times.

Power Punches from Serotonin:

1. People possess naturally about 5 to 10 mg of the chemical.
2. Serotonin is 90% within your intestines.
3. The hormone’s additional 10% surges through the blood and brain.
4. Its neurotransmitter roles regulates:
Cardiovascular functions
Muscle contraction
Temperature regulation
5. Increase serotonin through foods such as milk, plums, pineapples, turkey, and bananas, as they add amino acid called tryptophan for manufacturing natural serotonin.
6. Neurons in the brain release serotonin, and the levels of release impact many behaviors.
7. Low serotonin levels can cause anxiety, fear, self-pity, insomnia, stress, and depression.
8. Certain drugs, such as Prozac, and even LSD will mimic serotonin in the brain.

Children love to foster serotonin through tales, and serotonin stories are fun to write for them. Capture1

Serotonin Sports Enormous Benefits

Brainpower can increase for those who raise their serotonin levels in natural ways, and without drugs – simply by choosing to do so. Can you see why serotonin is deemed the brain’s miracle drug? You’ll enjoy this recent study to show how the brain builds natural chemicals for well being in a powerful placebo effect.

There’s more good news yet. Each time you choose to raise your serotonin levels, you literally rewire your brain’s plasticity to cultivate more brain benefits on a regular basis. Sound like a winning deal? If so, how will you raise your own and other’s serotonin today?

Mita Breakthrough Steps to Personal and Team Rejuvenation

How can serotonin shift you past ruts that block opportunities?

1. Question moods and run with beliefs that move you forward.

Catch winds of the upper air by avoiding  self-talk that limits courage or fears failure.

Ask: How can serotonin ignite courageous and life-changing choices?

2. Target improved approaches by engaging new brain parts

For instance, you may learn to snip your amygdala before you snipe back.

Ask: How can serotonin shift from problems into visible solutions?

3.  Expect quality outcomes by identifying quality criteria.

For example,  list key criteria that describe desired outcome.

Ask: How do staunch serotonin drug users clarify finer choices?

4. Move intelligences into actions that you see daily.

Progress is not automatic but the brain can add umph to action, much like the Irish blessing for, sun on your shoulders and wind in your sails.

Ask: How does serotonin help turn multiple intelligences into power tools for healthy change?

5. Reflect daily to  risk necessary changes for ongoing success. It’s much like the colorful wind-catcher Robyn gave me. Colors harmonize with wind.

Ask: How could Churchill’s notion of kites rising higher against -not with wind, transform your next What if …  question?

We can also default to the opposite of serotonin, (cortisol) unless we’re alert!

Cortisol – is the danger chemical that slips in whenever serotonin levelsStress-free setting drop. Check out how to spot it, and lower it before it takes you down. Looking for tasks to build your stress-free learning zone?





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