Survey Strengths from Differences


What differences can you say yes to at your workplace:

1. I am recognized for my unique strengths. Yes _____ No _____.

2. Different cultures are represented in leaders.  Yes _____ No _____.

3. Conflicts are rare yet mutually solved. Yes _____ No _____.

4. Most people speak and feel heard at meetings. Yes _____ No _____.

5. Solutions are sought by many different people. Yes _____ No _____.

6. Workers enjoy learning from one another.  Yes _____ No _____.

7. Clients and staff share a similar vision. Yes _____ No _____.

8. Experts collaborate with and support novices. Yes _____ No _____.

9. Women lead men and men lead women well. Yes _____ No _____.

10. Clashes rarely occur across departments. Yes _____ No _____.

If you respond Yes to eight or more of workplace strengths that come from differences valued, your organization likely applies up to date brain friendly approaches that lead to peak performances across differences.

If you answered No  to more than 3 items you may wish to capitalize on differences,  through brain based tools such as:

– tone tactics
– 2-footed questioning
– brain based targeting
– rubrics for shared expectations
– multiple intelligences engaged
– interactive reflections

Build new opportunities for engaging differences,  and watch your organization  build new neuron pathways toward successful performances -that many firms only dream of achieving.

Have you seen it happen?


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