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Vets Gave Their Lives! Let’s Give Back Peace!

Veterans gave us gifts of their lives! What if we give vets’ families peace gifts in return? Up for the challenge? If we teach peace – learners will try its possibilities. Let’s benefit all concerned simply to show vets our genuine thanks! Looking for peacemaking tasks that invite critical thinking?… Read more »

Write Halloween Stories in Haunted Hallows

Why not convert your high school classroom into a Haunted Hallow where students imagine realities such as, Lost in a Mystery Corn Maze? Or where a Scarecrow Festival springs into life as students enter and begin their Halloween inspired writing. It’s not only fun, but it sparks a festive holiday… Read more »

Tis the Season to Boost Holiday Brains for Fun! (Blog Hop)

Simply start with newly discovered facts about the human brain, and you’ll soon ramp up fun and festivity for your holiday.

Open the personal gift of intrapersonal intelligence as your tool to tackle holiday challenges by giving and gaining far more. Offer presents like those below and find holiday miracles fit for a genius.