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Your Brain on Peace – Veteran Remembrance Forward!

eweber   November 6, 2015   No Comments

On Veterans Day and many other occasions – we celebrate heroic men and women who stand for peace. We honor every precious soul who laid down their lives so that peace stands a chance. Hopefully, we also ask, “What if robust peace worked better than war?” Or, “What if brilliant… Read more »

Compelling Counterpoints or Gridlocks

eweber   January 23, 2013   No Comments

Yesterday a retired teacher told me how he loved teaching history – especially lessons on the civil war and Gettysburg Battles. Now that he’s retired, Jake shared he enjoyed reenacting history scenes in popular historic parks – where people enjoy revisiting the triumphs of war.

My immediate thought was, “Why have we taught war, but omitted the wonders of robust peace plans?”