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Hack Secondary Lectures with Brain Boosts for Focus and Fun

Find this article – Hack Secondary Lectures with Brain Boosts for Focus and Fun, over at EduTopia! If you’re like me, you’ve likely noticed secondary students focus faster and remember more when they tackle topics with more mental equipment than mere listening skills. Yet when pressures slip in from tests,… Read more »

Secondary or College Lectures into Student-Led Innovations

It’s not enough to call for active learning at secondary or university, or to show shortcomings of lectures as NPR and others do. Yet it’s a vital start! Increasingly I meet faculty who’d jump at a chance to try a new approach to teaching if they had support to make… Read more »

Reflect – Then Bolt from Meetings!

Tom Hansen said it best in his cartoon video Why Meetings Suck! Check out this hilarious video and when you stop laughing you’ll likely see yourself also trapped in the meeting Hansen dramatizes. Hopefully you’re not the bloke who leads such gatherings. In either case,  brain based approaches offer results… Read more »