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Growth Mindset Tasks & Teen’s Mental Health

When teens focus on healthy minds, they also switch on their growth mindset. How so? Make interactive notebooks a daily routine and students learn how to nurture mindfulness step-by-step in ways that trigger clear thinking and fuel wellbeing. Journaling offers a daily opportunity to support healthy minds and raise mental… Read more »

Renewal Races Teens to the Top

Will President Obama’s $4 billion incentive for school reform help teens use more robust brainpower to reach their real potential? Not every teen will win the title world’s best brain as Julia Chartrove won at the International Brain Research Organization. Yet all can draw on more brainpower to reach higher… Read more »

Question Broken Systems with Solutions in Mind

Why do we settle for broken schools when we see so many brainy teens brimming with quality character come to class? While Chancellor Michelle Rhee attempts to rejuvenate Washington DC’s poor performing schools, with higher expectations and tactics to rise to them, teens drop out in growing numbers. “Our long… Read more »