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Growth Mindset Tasks & Teen’s Mental Health

When teens focus on healthy minds, they also switch on their growth mindset. How so? Make interactive notebooks a daily routine and students learn how to nurture mindfulness step-by-step in ways that trigger clear thinking and fuel wellbeing. Journaling offers a daily opportunity to support healthy minds and raise mental… Read more »

Troubleshooting Tips and Brain Based Benefits

When learning or leadership problems pop up – how do you troubleshoot to ensure that all those you mentor, coach, teach, or facilitate will takeaway more?   Below are brain-compatible strategies I use and I’d love to hear your tips.

Target Teen Talent

eweber   October 5, 2008   2 Comments on Target Teen Talent

It’s no secret that teens drop out of secondary schools at alarming rates, or that parents complain about wasted tax dollars in broken schools, or that faculty vent about lack of relevancy and low standards. Yet, while most agree that secondary schools stomp out the very mental resources teens bring… Read more »