Marks of an Online Brain

eweber   September 27, 2016   1 Comment on Marks of an Online Brain

Brain based skills transform online communities in much the same way an afternoon sun shores up  outdoor adventures.

What wonderful strengths enrich any circle with communication and a sense of well being at its center. While many people admit that it’s electric to belong to such an online  group, far fewer spot the brain’s ability to convert toxins into triumphs online.    your-brain-online

Here are 5 brain powered tools that propel online communities into stronger positions:

1. Open posts with excellent tone that builds goodwill – especially with those who disagree.

2. Avoid toxins by using tactics that eliminate pressures and reduce stress levels that shut down learning and well being.

3. Work in bite sizes pieces – daily – and walk carefully toward one sizzling goal – as you inspire others to reach their potential..

4. Avoid last minute posts. When people procrastinate technology tends to glitch and stress slows your progress and robs your joy for an online adventure.

5. Invoke novel solutions.  Your brain can rewire for amazing renewal if you refresh it daily – and words in every post. Did you know that novelty stokes memory and kick-starts brainpower?

What skill would you add to shore up online adventures at work?

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