Move Tone Tools to Open Opportunities

Have you ever observed a skilled facilitator use tone tools to turn around a tough situation? Tone skills open mental gateways both to speak ethically and to feel heard. They also communicate respect across differences, and find winning solutions within opposing views. What’s your tone IQ?

People who engage others, through tone practices that support and empower excellence, also tend to demonstrate stronger interpersonal intelligence. Add to that a healthy sense of self-worth, or intrapersonal intelligence, and you see why tone effectively engages differences.  

The brain requires use for growth – and communication intelligence sharpens if you affirm others, thank people, speak respectfully, ask meaningful questions, or inspire others’ talents on a project. Deeds that draw from your gene pools and from life experiences.

From the brain’s perspective, tone’s merely a matter of neurons and dendrites that spark new synapses for learned communication skills. In much the way Martin Luther acted on peace, Gandhi valued humanity, or Mother Teresa brought hope to others. Each time they moved forward with tone, they rewired mentally for more of the same – and so do we.

To see tone clearly, it helps to spot its opposite fumes – found in any toxic workplace. Mental fuels in people who insist on one side only, argue for one up-man-ship, create conflicts by fostering flame wars, disregard opposing viewpoints, and rarely reach deeper for understanding.

Move tone into action, by communicating its strengths, and your mind will:

  • benefit from nuances within opposite viewpoints.
  • solve complex problems with more diverse thinkers.
  • draw fresh ideas from multiple intelligences.
  • strengthen your own approaches for winning progress.
  • anticipate and resolve angry outbreaks.
  • laugh more at the little things and at yourself
  • leverage curiosity and run from cynicism.

How will you develop winning tone skills by what you do and communicate today?

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  1. Conrad says:

    I will start by thanking you for starting my morning with this great article. And, I am training my brain by making you one of my morning staples. Now, it is Shave, Shower, and Brain Leaders and Learners.

    Oh, and I try to get fiber, too. Does that help my brain by the way? I suppose at least indirectly, huh?

    Seriously, considering and really thinking about the information you supply alone helps my tone skills. It really does.

  2. eweber says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Conrad. When the plane landed in the water yesterday – and the pilot’s brain went into auto pilot for brilliant skills – I was reminded that what we do and what we act on daily – impacts results we’ll get. He modeled it for all of us, and it came as no shock to see how he prepared over a lifetime. It’s fun to consider how we each do what we’re growing new dendrites for so the brain can use the skills when conflicts or crisis strikes. May your day offer you the best of its wonders!

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