Question Research to Create Cutting Edge Tools

An email from Charlie Fern, White House Speech writer, with links to scientists who extract images directly from the brain. reminded me  to question new brain analysis technology.  What specific tool  could it offer my clients at the MITA International Brain Based Center? Do you look at dynamic new insights in your field, with an eye to benefiting today from discoveries?

To approach new research with questions about practical applicability is the opposite of merely criticizing the work’s shortcomings.

Instead, thoughtful questions capitalize on practical possibilities  in ways that visibly display the benefits of that research. This process moves you into action that leads to innovation. Simply pose questions to the work that extend growth of your own competitive edge through innovation adaptations.

Smart Skill 4 – Question Research to Create Cutting Edge Tools

Here are a few questions I ask of research in any brain related areas that I deem to be valid and reliable:

How might new discoveries impact life and work in an organization? In this case Japan’s Labs reconstruct images inside a person’s brain and display them on computer monitors. I’ll read on.

What is the main thread in the research that relates to life and work? This research showed changed brain activity such as blood flow as a key factor to view various images within the brain. This notion of changed mental activity is a concept used often when we consider choices people make for prosperity or poverty in any area. Am I finding a relevant hook here to hang new ideas for tools? Back to the reading.

How did the research help change or show growth? When participants looked at new images, their brains reconstructed new meanings and their mental images changes. Now I find myself wondering how much brainpower we gather by the icons and images we observe? That makes a difference to how we spend a day, and what we choose to display around us or seek out. What we see changes our minds! Onward…

How will this research help us to understand and use brain activity? The research suggests that in 10 years this research will enable us to read a person’s thoughts with some degree of accuracy.  I find myself wondering how my own awareness can get a jump start on this discovery.  

What tool could be created from this discovery? Based on the importance of building awareness for what a human mind is thinking at any moment and what changes that thought, I created a brain training tool that fosters awareness of others around us. The object of this tool is to grow a higher TQ by knowing and being known. It will be useful for brain based certification we do for leaders and learners, to improve mental awareness of others at work.

Simply put, precise questions tend to lead to related inventions! What question could you toss at research in your field today, to create a tool that will improve your workplace?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

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18 thoughts on “Question Research to Create Cutting Edge Tools

  1. eweber Post author

    Thanks for stopping by to look at the possibilities with research, Robyn. What a great way forward for any person or workplace:-) Saves the energy of venting, and offers alternative solutions – which makes for a win-win:-)

  2. Ellen Weber

    Not sure society can be made (or should be made) to do that, Ramana. Yet I am responsible to do my part in that direction, and have an exciting program starting up in the coming months – which we are so excited about. A part of me wishes it would start a movement — but I do it more because it’s the right thing to do as I see it:-) You?

    Ellen Webers last blog post..Question Research to Create Cutting Edge Tools

  3. eweber Post author

    Thanks for insights Ramana. Interesting! Yes, while I’m not sure we can or want to make modern society do that, what about each of us inspiring one older person to stay in the race to teach us more:-)? Thoughts?

  4. rummuser

    Yes indeed. Any small beginning will do. As you already know, I keep getting feedback from my mentees about how valuable they find my inputs for their development. The local equivalent of a Chamber of Commerce as you call it, has taken the initiative to arrange for this process. Why can’t this be made popular?

    Incidentally, since you do not have a contact box, please allow me to invite you through this comment box, to my blog and to leave a comment if you care to. I have given a link to your blog in the post. Thank you.

    rummusers last blog post..Relationships -Schopenhauer’s Porcupines.

  5. eweber Post author

    Thanks for the link Ramana, and also for the privilege of feedback that helps us all to think of the issues in new and different ways. The parts that count on both ends – will be the parts that change lives for the better! Bravo!

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