How Your Brain Works Against Your Interests

If your efforts for a mental reboot peter out before you enjoy visible benefits, you can blame it on your brain.  Check out your mental default system or basal ganglia and you’ll also face down gridlock resistance to changes you seek. Think of the basal ganglia as a mental warehouse… Read more »

Solve Daily Dilemmas with Neural Solutions

Stubborn snags that slow us  down daily often link to brilliant solutions our brains already possess. It’s merely a matter of connecting the problem to a brainy possibility. Fail to connect to our brains and we may well miss an opportunity to bring about brilliance bits that power ourselves and… Read more »

Mistakes We Make about Introverts. Inner Secret Truths Exposed

“He’s not interested in communicating with others,” his mother apologized. “Brett’s our introvert,” she said as if introversion defined Brett’s entire character. We’ve all heard it. He’d rather be alone. Or, she rarely accepts party invitations, preferring to read at home alone. All the above relates to our intrapersonal intelligence,… Read more »

Why are we losing cherished faith and service communities? What can we do?

As young people increasingly gravitate toward new opportunities, unfortunately they are leaving behind faith communities like churches, and service communities like Rotary. There’s growing evidence that backbone spiritual and service benefits within these cherished circles of care will eventually die out. On the flip side, young people are attracted to… Read more »

How Our Mindset Shapes Wellness

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It’s one of the great ironies of our modern era. We’re obsessed with staying well, yet we’re as unwell as we’ve ever been. A certain stimulus, such as visualizing your favorite hobby, will enhance feelings of enormous well-being. That’s golfing with my grandchildren for me, but it could be anything… Read more »

One Day From Inside Your Brain!

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A Day in the Life of Your Brain WHAT WOULD ONE WORK DAY LOOK LIKE FROM INSIDE YOUR BRAIN? Have you ever considered what today looks like from inside your brain? Take a look and you’ll also improve your communication and sharpen several mental  skills. You can capitalize on what… Read more »

Does Genius IQ Require Ethical Character?

Can people be considered genius – without a stellar moral compass to guide actions such as integrity or kindness to others? Are swindlers enabled in your circles, under the guise of intelligence? In an age where horizons shift, leaders look past moral failures in favor of personal gain, and finer… Read more »

Celebrate Mom’s Point of View on Mother’s Day?

What if we heard more about a valued viewpoint that shaped our mother’s life? Imagine the potion she’d receive to rediscover her finest insight handed to children she loves. A winning Mother’s Day treasure? Motherhood for me was hands down the most important, challenging and meaningful role in my life…. Read more »

Change for New Era Rotary Leadership?

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Rotary definitely has the brainpower, new neural discoveries have the tools and millennials have new era service suggestions. Together we’re armed with a new question! Our new question, How are you smart? replaces the traditional question, How smart are you?  The new question relies on multiple intelligences and a rebooted idea… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Brain Based Learning

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Brain based learning differs from traditional classes in that it makes room for new neural discoveries central to growth. Students and teachers use strengths as vital tools to help them build on what they know in any lesson. See brain based Twitter Chat archived for magnificent ways to engage fun… Read more »

100 Brain Based Tasks for All Stories

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Looking for dozens of interactive tasks to use with any story or novel? Fishbowl games, newspaper ads, gender circles, dialogues, social media creations, ballads, interviews to authors, post-it-notes and dozens more tasks for individual and team interactions. Here are 100 brain based tasks that engage students’ multiple intelligences to involve… Read more »

What if Peace Possibilities Blew into Class with Spring?

Have you seen spring’s new life jolt teens alive?  When warm south breezes begin to blow into young lives, it’s no surprise that original ideas also begin to emerge like new sprigs poke up into the morning sun. It’s the perfect season to fan innovative possibilities such as robust peace… Read more »

Learn More in Less Time with Oodles of Fun!

Thanks for including this Brain Leaders and Learners blog among many of my hero leaders! Special thanks to Best 21st Century Leadership Blogs – New Media, by James Strock for listing the top blogs! Thanks to so many of my friends and mentors whose blogs teach and encourage us all! … Read more »

Question with 2 Feet to Dream with Dr. King

What if your I Have a Dream lesson opened with your students’ interests? What if Martin Luther King’s life and legacy triggered students’ ability to design a mind-bending dream? Ask a two-footed, dream-building question such as, What innovative change in your situation would benefit you and others? Compare questions in … Read more »