Train Dolphins but “Develop” Human Brains

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Rather than diversity training why not develop a new eye for the brainpower added when we tap into diverse talents. Would we not mine new gems across ethnicity, gender and age, mixed in at every level?

Instead of training people for more theories, let’s shift to develop less gaps between what we already know and what we do or create.

Why try to train your golf swing when you could develop golf skills through converting more of your intelligences into benefits on the links.

Shatter myths that led to training for  ordinary routines and risk engaging your braiboring meeting.gifn’s plasticity to develop a noble vision that fits your talent.

Reach higher than  training fit only for fixed IQ’s,  and instead develop problem solving skills at work, with the brain in mind.

Break from training with the usual gang, and develop two footed questions to ask experts you respect.

Replace the noise and clamor of training in meetings, and in silent spaces develop the curiosity for a climate conducive to creative takeaways.

Beat the intimidation of training in meetings, with the adventure to develop and create talent in interactive circles.

Facilitate rather than train, and watch leaders develop new learning skills, while learners also teach at times.

Training may  lead to ruts and boredom, but to develop mental capacity in any area, is to redesign the human brain for expanding what you already know to become the person you’d like others to see in you.

To abandon the foothills of training, is often to develop extravagant castles where discoveries last for a lifetime. Have you seen it happen?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

4 thoughts on “Train Dolphins but “Develop” Human Brains

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  2. michael cardus

    Train Dolphins – I wonder in what environment do you feel that training is valuable.
    People need training for skills that they may have never learned or understood. I agree that much training that is done by organizations is just the opportunity for time to be wasted.
    This meaningless training creates a culture of people who feel that training is not acceptable or necessary within the culture.

    Perhaps if we foucused (as you mentioned) on ways to leverage the talents that the team already possesses and discover our team talents.

    michael carduss last blog post..Buffalo NY, Team Builder is Getting Married

  3. eweber Post author

    Michael, what a thoughtful way to rethink training. What a wonderful book this would make – and how valuable a tool to help readers rethink what it means to know and apply new skills. The investigation itself is refreshing as you have framed it so well here. Thanks Michael, for the deep insights you bring to topics that invite rejuvenation! The beginning of a wonderful ice berg has been spotted!

  4. rummuser

    Ellen, Training and development go hand in hand. At least they used to during my days with HRD involvements. In fact, it is a very distinction between the two. Development, hopefully follows training, if the right environment is provided for it to flourish. When it is done for lip service, it does not work. Sadly, from what I gather from many articles and letters that I read in the press, it is yet to happen.

    rummusers last blog post..Movie Scenes That Have Stayed With Me.

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